EP 041: Discover Iceland Part 2 – What the heck is geothermal energy?

Released Aug 3, 2016

Sitting on a literal hotbed of active and inactive volcanoes, Iceland capitalizes on its natural resources to provide renewable electricity to its citizens. Katie speaks with Hordur Arnarson, CEO of Landsvirkjun, which produces 73% of all Iceland's electricity via geothermal energy. Hordur further discusses future plans for an undersea pipeline from Iceland to the UK of hydro and geothermal-generated electricity.

EP 039: Discover Iceland Part 1: Eco-tourism

Released July 14, 2016

Embark on an adventure to the environmental wonderland of Iceland and you will be able to discover and enjoy the islands’ focus on eco-tourism. The Blue Lagoon, a favorite spot for tourists, is located in a lava field in the southwest part of the island.  This amazing warm water lagoon harnesses geothermal energy to create a unique, and for many, transformative experience.