EP 055: PogoCam – the World's Smallest Wearable Camera

EP 055: PogoCam – the World's Smallest Wearable Camera

Katie Linendoll chats with Richard Clompus, VP of Communications & Consumer Interaction at PogoCam. The Company created the world’s smallest wearable camera, which attaches to chic eyewear.  PogoCam will be hitting the market in 2017. Sam Roberts of Sirius XM also joins Katie to provide a holiday public service announcement. Katie also shares the cutting edge gadget of the week.

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Ep 036: Escape the Room with Auto Tech

Released June 23, 2016

One of the trendiest interactive mystery games partners with Ford Escape to create a limited time only 35,000 square foot experience: “Can You Escape NYC?” With the clock ticking, Sam and Katie join forces try to get through six rooms without killing each other while also solving puzzles while using new in vehicle technologies. An inside look at building a customized brand experience.

EP 024: Dave Navarro: Filmmaker and musician

Released Mar 21, 2016

Dave Navarro chats with Katie Linendoll and Sam Roberts about his new, powerful documentary "Mourning Son" which tells the tragic story of the murder of his mother when he was just 15 years old, and how he traveled to prison and faced the killer. Dave also talks Jane’s Addiction, his fascination with unique art and his seventh season hosting "Ink Master".

Dave's documentary "Mourning Son" is available on iTunes

EP 017: Tomorrow in Auto: GM CEO and Chairman Mary Barra & CEOs of flying car and Ethos concept cars

Released Jan 21, 2016

GM’s Mary Barra on electric and the next few years of auto, E-hang co-founder on their new flying car and Rinspeed CEO with Ethos concept car & drone. Katie provides live interviews from CES; Sam Roberts provides funniez.

EP 012: Dan Slott of Marvel - Who Kills Peter Parker?!

Released Dec 7, 2015

Amazing Spider-Man and Silver Surfer comic writer Dan Slott chats with Katie and Sam Roberts about killing Peter Parker, death threats and answers fan questions. Katie breaks out Katie.gifts, and all things dysfunctional Christmas. 


EP 009: Scott Parazynski: Astronaut, pilot, doctor, diver, climber

Released Nov 19, 2015

Scott Parazynski has flown 5 Space Shuttle Missions and has conducted 7 spacewalks.  He is also the first and only NASA astronaut to have summited Mt. Everest.  Katie and Sam Roberts have a fascinating discussion with Scott regarding the physical and mental challenges of life in space.